Face Masks

Caution - This mask is NOT rated for disease control. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has provided the following information regarding homemade face masks: The role of facemasks is for patient source control, to reduce contamination of the surrounding area when a person coughs or sneezes.  Patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 should wear a facemask until they are isolated in a hospital or at home. The fabric face masks are a crisis response option when other supplies has been exhausted. "Prior to modern disposable masks, washable fabric masks were standard use for hospitals, said Dawn Rogers, MSN, RN, FNP-C, Patient Safety & Infection Prevention Office.

This face mask is NOT  ASTM compliant masks, N95 masks, surgical masks, or medial masks, nor does JE Fashion House represent that these masks will resist the COVID 19 virus, any other virus or bacterial infection.

 All masks have interfacing inside for extra protection!

Wash All Masks Before Wearing!!

**Not Recommend for babies**

$10.00 (Men & Women)

$8.00 (Youth) *fits age 5-12

$5.00 (Toddlers) *fits age 1-4

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